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Our Identity

We are a construction workshop of all types of garden/veranda cushions and replacement seats for director's chairs. We have been selling WHOLESALE since the beginning.


If you are a merchant or professional and are interested in cooperation you can contact us.

  • Equipment for Hotels
  • Restaurants

  • Resellers in Greece and abroad.

Our products

Director's Chair Seats, Outdoor Cushions, Beach Poufs, Director's Chairs, Wooden Furniture, Metal Furniture, Replacement Rush Seats for Traditional Chairs etc.

Most of our products are constructed in our workshop.


Our prices are not the best by accident. Quite a few factors contribute to it.

  • All of our products are either constructed by us or by chosen partners and reach you straight from the manufacturing plant, passing only from our hands.
  • The price is not burdened with the costs of storage and transport since we have hundreds of square meters of warehouse space available.
  • We import large quantities therefore we get large discounts from the manufacturers.
  • Our suppliers are chosen with their prices in mind, among other criteria.